Mary A. Browning is a free lance writer and professional genealogist who has focused on the history and families of Guilford county, and especially on Jamestown. She has worked as a volunteer and served as a board member for the Historic Jamestown Society, the High Point Historical Museum, and the Guilford Co. Genealogical Society. She served on the Guilford County Historic Preservation Commission. You can contact her at and you can purchase her books at the Mendenhall Homeplace in Jamestown.

She has written three books about Jamestown:

• Bending the Twigs in Jamestown: A History of Education in Jamestown, North Carolina, 1755-1945, Jamestown, NC: 2004, which was written for and published by the Historic Jamestown Society. (Paperback, pp. 138; index, photos, bibliography. $10.) This informative book focuses on the early schools of Jamestown Township, their teachers, and students. It can be purchased at the Mendenhall Homeplace’s Thy Store. You can also purchase this book by mail from: Historic Jamestown Society, Inc., P.O. Box 512, Jamestown, NC 27282, sending a money order or cashier check for $15., which covers cost of the book and mailing.

• Historical Places in & Around Jamestown, N. C., Jamestown, NC: 2008, published by the author. (ISBN: 0615193307. Paperback, spiral bound, 47 pp., maps, photos, index, and bibliography. $12.) This book tells what was where in and near the Jamestown of the past, where the British camped in 1781, where gold was found and mined, where the first school was built, and assorted other matters of interest. Purchase this book at Mendenhall Homeplace, or order from the author.

• Remembering Old JamestownA Look Back at the Other South, Charleston: History Press, 2008.(ISBN: 978.1.59629.591.9. Paperback, pp.128, index, photos, bibliography. $19.99) This book is a collection of forty-nine of the newspaper articles written for the Greensboro News & Record over the past few years, focusing on true Jamestown stories, from 1760 to the present. Purchase this book at Mendenhall Homeplace, from History Press  or from the author.