Serving the Present by Sharing the Lessons of the Past

The Historic Jamestown Society is celebrating five decades of educational service to its neighbors and guests. We need you as an investing partner to help fulfill our mission.


Our Overall Campaign Goal

To address our institutional needs and secure long-term financial sustainability, Historic Jamestown Society has begun a 3-year campaign to raise $2,000,000.

As a donor, you are essential in helping us accomplish our mission of preserving and sharing our history.

You are invited to mail your contribution to:

Historic Jamestown Society, Inc.
P.O. Box 512
Jamestown, NC 27282

Monetary contributions are tax-deductible and will be appropriately acknowledged.

Visit Mendenhall Homeplace
603 West Main Street
Jamestown, NC 27282
(336) 454-3819

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Our Mission

Historic Jamestown Society preserves and interprets the rich history of Jamestown by exploring, sharing, and conserving the significant stories, experiences, and material cultures of the past to promote tolerance, inspire peace, and highlight the necessity of education.

Founded in 1974, Historic Jamestown Society, Inc., is a
501(c)(3) private nonprofit organization. Mendenhall Homeplace, its primary property, is held in trust for the education, enlightenment, and enjoyment of Jamestown and its guests.

Mendenhall Homeplace
and The Other South

Jamestown’s story includes a little-known part of North Carolina history, “the Other South.” Mendenhall Homeplace represents the legacy of a small community of Quaker tradespeople and farmers who actively opposed slavery, promoted education for all, and labored to create a life of peace and simplicity in the midst of troubled times. This authentic Quaker homestead includes several early 19th century structures: the Richard Mendenhall House (c. 1811); the Madison Lindsay House, one of the state’s first medical schools (c. 1817); North Carolina’s oldest Pennsylvania-style bank barn (c. 1810); and a restored one-room schoolhouse (c. 1820s).

Mendenhall Homeplace also houses the Stanley-Murrow False-Bottom Wagon, one of the nation’s most significant Underground Railroad artifacts and the only documented artifact of the Underground Railroad in the South. The Stanley-Murrow False-Bottom wagon was used to help dozens of enslaved people escape north to freedom from the 1830s to 1860s. Only two authenticated false-bottom wagons still exist.

Education, Outreach and Advocacy


Using lessons of the past, we inform, enlighten, and inspire our guests to create a better future. In a recent year, we hosted guests from over 40 states and 24 countries. Guests included children from public and private schools in North Carolina and Virginia, as well as homeschool groups. Mendenhall Homeplace is visited by local, national, and international professionals and educators in fields of history and historic preservation.


Historic Jamestown Society members have given presentations across the Piedmont and beyond to share the unique and significant history of Jamestown with schools, civic groups, and community organizations. We have partnered with institutions of higher learning, historical organizations, and government agencies to promote interpretation and preservation of our history.


Historic Jamestown Society is Jamestown’s foremost historic preservation advocate. We have assisted local property owners in addressing preservation issues, while leading efforts to establish a historic preservation commission and historic districts in Jamestown.

We have offered hands-on assistance, helping local citizens preserve historic homes, sites, and cemeteries.

Our annual Mary A. Browning Historic Preservation Award acknowledges preservation efforts, encouraging our community to preserve and share its rich heritage.

Our Needs


Costs of utilities, staff salaries, general maintenance, grounds care, etc., strain our efforts to achieve long-term financial sustainability. Unfortunately, few grants fund operational expenditures.

Restoration and Acquisition of Historic Structures and the Maintenance Endowment Fund:

Mendenhall Homeplace includes several historically significant structures from the early 1800s. In addition, Historic Jamestown Society awaits acquisition of three more structures: the Richard Mendenhall Store (1824), Old Jamestown Meeting House (c. 1812) and the Old Jamestown Post Office (c. 1880). These structures require costly preservation treatments. Investing in our endowment fund will ensure that we continue to improve and preserve our holdings and strengthen our ability to serve the community.

Care of Exhibits and Collections:

Over the past ten years, Historic Jamestown Society has acquired a number of historically significant items. This growing collection needs storage until we can acquire materials and display units to share them in a safe, secure manner that meets American Association of Museums conservation and accessibility standards. When we can display them properly, these historic items will serve as important authentic touchstones for telling meaningful stories of our community’s history.

We also have acquired a sizable collection of period historic texts and a history research library. These collections require storage, shelving, and climate control.

Marketing and Publicity:

A well-funded marketing strategy is essential to the success of our programming. We endeavor to develop and implement a marketing campaign that invites deeper community and guest engagement.

Funding for Programs:

Historic Jamestown Society needs funding support to continue offering community-based programs, such as daily site tours, Village Fair (a heritage trades and community history fair), Fiber Arts Day, Christmas at Mendenhall, the Traveling Trunk Educational Outreach Program, history roundtables, and more.

Historic Jamestown Society

603 West Main Street
Jamestown, NC 27282
(336) 454-3819